Who exactly is our program for?

  • Anyone experiencing long covid for any reason

  • Anyone who wants to reclaim more governance and responsibility over their own health and wellness

  • Anyone seeking natural integrative treatment options

What is Āyurveda? 

  • Āyurveda is a natural holistic medical science from India that offers a new paradigm of health and wellness. According to Āyurveda each person has a unique mind-body constitution.  A bio-physiological genetic blueprint. Because we’re all made differently, what is healthy for one person may or may not be healthy for another. This individualistic approach to health and healing is fundamental to the science.     

Why choose Āyurveda?

  • It considers all the levels of the individual – body, mind, and spirit.

  • It offers natural and effective ways of promoting health.

  • According to Ayurveda Long Covid is an indication that your physiology has been disrupted.  Your body’s natural healing process has been vitiated, thereby compromising your ability to fully recover.

  • Because the causes, aggravating factors, and symptoms of long covid vary so widely, the personalized approach of Āyurveda is a naturally intuitive solution.

What will this look like for me?

  • You will have an Ayurvedic Consultation –  A comprehensive assessment of your current physiology as well as the resulting guidance and treatment options. 

  • You will then have three follow up appointments at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months.  At these points we test the waters and see how things are going.  Depending on your status we may alter or further specify your protocol.

  • The more you learn about Āyurveda the more you can take your health into your own hands.  We will teach you the fundamental tenants of a healthy lifestyle.  You will raise your awareness of the factors that contribute to your good health and those that accelerate your degeneration.  Empowered by knowledge you will have the opportunity to take direct action against your dis-ease and cultivate your own restoration.

  • We understand this may be feel somewhat experimental for you.  Skepticism is natural and we encourage it.  Dr. Lad says “When it comes to Āyurveda, learning is unlearning.”  The profundity of Āyurveda lies in it’s simplicity.  The truth is the science of Āyurveda has healed people across the globe for millennia. We encourage you to have faith, keep an open mind, and discover what this beautiful science can do for you.

What is the cost?

  • The cost is $475.  You’ll also want to account for the cost of recommended products and or procedures based on your consultation. This varies based on your interests and needs.  We often recommend traditional Ayurvedic medicines which cost $20-75 for 1-2 months worth.  Everything we offer is a moneyback guarantee.  If you’re unhappy with our service after completing your protocol we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

Where can I get more information?

  • Download the slides from the video above here 
  • Schedule a free call below

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