Kerala Ayurveda is a remarkable company both here in the US and in India.  The Kerala Ayurveda Academy is where Daryl has chosen to formally study Ayurveda and he could not be more pleased.  Aside from managing hospitals and schools, they make many amazing products and you can be guaranteed that anything you buy from them will be of the highest quality.  Moreover, it will be prepared in full alignment with Traditional Ayurvedic Principles.  We are honored to represent them.  This link will take you to their site and give you 10% off when you use the code KAOFF10.


I sell homemade ghee as well.  The ghee is prepared as traditionally as I know how.  On the night of the full moon I make the ghee while singing the gayatri mantra.  It then sits at my altar until it is sold.  This product is not approved by the FDA nor is the location of preparation approved by the Indiana State Department of Health.  It is however the best ghee I’ve ever had.


8 oz jar – $11

16 oz jar – $20

32 oz jar – $35

The Digestion Magic Bag!

If you experience digestion issues of any kind, this bag is the place to begin.  May you enjoy its contents. =)

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