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Ayurveda empowers you as the primary healer while physicians serves as guides. You will gain insight and understanding of your current health condition and walk away with a personalized wellness plan including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mindfulness practices, ayurvedic therapeutics, herbs, and formulations.

$165. We may recommend herbal formulations which are $20-$30 for one month’s supply.

On the contrary.  Ayurveda offers a critical integration with conventional medicine as diet and lifestyle play a major role in any health condition. Additionally, Ayurvedic physicians study conventional medicine and can contribute value to your  conversation with your conventional medicine practitioners.

No. Ayurveda is a science of nourishing the natural healing mechanisms within your body.  There are no side effects, there side benefits.

“An oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This wisdom is and will always be true.  The most powerful aspect of ayurveda is it’s employment of preventative lifestyle medicine. We recommend clients have one consultation every season.  This creates a continuous practice of proactive health preservation.

Yes.  With Ayurveda care many people are able to restore their natural state of health to a point where prescription medication is no longer necessary.

Yes. Ayurveda helps many people lose weight naturally, effectively, and sustainably.

Yes. Ayurveda offers very effective protocols for restoring and improving deep quality rest.

Absolutely. Ayurveda offers tremendous knowledge and support towards digestive health. In fact all Ayurvedic treatment is centered first on restoring the quality of digestion.

Absolutely.  Ayurveda is a comprehensive medical science capable of treating all forms of dis-ease.

No. Although not yet recognized in the United States, Ayurveda is a registered medical discipline in over 16 countries in the world including India, Switzerland, and Brazil.