Daryl Roberts

Founder & CEO
Ayurvedic Practitioner
lifestyle medicine coach

There was a young child who laid gravely ill in a hospital bed in Caracas, Venezuela.  Facing a potentially fatal diagnosis her doctors had a medical dilemma on their hands.  She seemed to have two diseases at once, one in her liver and one in her small intestine.  Moreover their treatments seemed negatively correlated.  The medicine for her liver severely aggravated the problem in her small intestine and vice versa.  They didn’t know what else to do other than remove a part or all of her liver and or her small intestine.

She had very special relationship with her grandmother whom she called Mama Maria.  When she was a little girl they would walk together each morning as far as they could before parting ways for school and work.  Every Sunday she would walk a mile to put a quarter in a phone and talk with her grandmother.  Mama Maria was no “doctor,” yet she had a very different prognosis.  She practiced the natural spirit medicine of her Venezuelan ancestry and lived her life according to its principles.  She created a medicinal concoction for her beloved grandchild and unbeknownst to the doctors, arrived particularly early one morning to administer it.  It was intensely bitter and her granddaughter protested and pushed it away.  Mama Maria said “just a little more sweet child,” until eventually she had consumed it all.

That evening a spirit appeared to Mama Maria with a message saying her grandchild would be cured.  The next morning the child would expel a parasitic worm over 3 feet long.  Still quite weak, she remained in the hospital for some time.  Seeing her recovery and the results of some pre-diagnostic tests the doctors concluded that surgery was no longer necessary.

Years later this child grew up and received a scholarship to attend university in America.  It’s here where she met her husband and gave birth to a daughter and then her son. She named her son Daryl, which means tenderly loved, beloved, and gift of god.  Daryl is alive today because of natural medicine and it’s ancient knowledge that preserved the life of his mother and their lineage.  Balanced Alignment represents the integration of his life’s purpose with his love of Ayurveda.

28 years later Daryl found himself at an all time low. During a time of addictions, toxic relationships, and spiritual darkness, Yoga and Ayurveda were the guiding lights that led him back to stable ground.  Now happier, healthier, stronger, and more resilient than ever, he’s experiencing an entirely different life. One of joy, openness, honesty, abundance, and contentment; no longer ashamed and no longer so encumbered by the anxious and stressful nature of our modern world.

According to Daryl it is through the grace of God alone that he has received reconciliation and healing.  He believes everything happens for a reason and is eternally humbled by the opportunity to serve others on their journey of self-healing.

Vaidya Godwin

Ayurvedic Physician B.A.M.S.

In Bangalore India, a woman endured the heart-wrenching loss of three children at a young age. Determined and steadfast in her faith, she fervently prayed and fasted, seeking the divine intervention that would grant her the gift of a child. One fateful day, her pastor delivered the long-awaited news that her prayers had been answered. He told her that she would bear a son and spoke of the eternal battle between good and evil, assuring her that in this divine struggle, God ultimately prevails. Overjoyed by this proclamation, she joyfully bestowed upon her newborn son the name “Godwin,” symbolizing the victorious nature of their journey.

Preceded by his grandfather, great grandfather, and ancestors before them, Vaidya Godwin comes from a longstanding lineage of Ayurvedic physicians.  He received his B.A.M.S. from the Reputed Kanchi University in. Chennai.  With over 20 years of experience he is one of South India’s most sought after Ayurvedic physicians for “Chronic Complicated Diseases” and has vast experience in “In Patient Management.”  As a part of India’s covid response taskforce, he was able to save hundreds of lives administering Ayurvedic medicine utilizing a classical Ayurvedic technique.  

Vaidya Monakee Patel

Ayurvedic Physician B.A.M.S.
M.D. Ayurveda

Monakee experienced the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine at a young age.  When she was only a child she developed an inflammatory skin condition causing intense redness sensitivity and irritation. She was so red that the other children called her “tomato.”  Wanting to help their daughter, her parents sought help from multiple conventional medicine doctors, all to no avail.  Eventually they tried taking her to an Ayurvedic physician.  Within 2 months of his treatment her symptoms had subsided and she was feeling much better.  After 6 months she was cured completely never to experience the condition again.

Inspired by an Ayurvedic doctor who spoke at her school when she was 16, Monakee made a firm decision to become an Ayurvedic physician herself. She completed her B.A.M.S. and received her masters in Kaya Chikitsa (internal medicine) writing her dissertation on Rheumatoid Arthritis. Driven by her personal connection to Ayurveda, Monakee is passionate about sharing the profound benefits of this beautiful science with the world.

Beth Windemuller

R.N. & Health Coach

Blessed with compassion, care, and a genuine love for others, Beth’s life has been dedicated to caregiving. While considering different paths, her kind and empathetic nature led her to become a nurse, devoting 30 years to providing patients with the care she felt they deserved. Eventually she grew dissatisfied with the limitations of the current healthcare system. Reflecting on her experience, “As a nurse, I was handing out more and more “education” papers to patients, who needed healthcare changes, expecting them to change their lifestyle habits on their own. Patients walked away defeated, seeing only the chronic illness they were facing. I wanted to give more to those people, more support, more guidance, and more hope.”

In her search to offer patients the tools and resources they needed, she discovered health coaching, an evidence based approach that enhances individuals’ self-efficacy to foster positive behavior change. Inspired by this client-centered approach, where the client holds the answers and the health coach explores alongside them with curiosity and attentiveness, she found the empowering paradigm she had been seeking.  We believe Ayurveda and health coaching form a beautiful symbiosis which clients can access to pursue their highest health and happiness.