Coach Beth

Change can be difficult, and sometimes creating new habits and routines can be challenging even when we “know” what to do.  Transforming the “knowing what to do” into “actually doing it” through a process that feels fun and empowering is the magic of health coaching.

We are proud to have Beth Windemuller serving as our primary health coach.  Beth worked as an R.N. for over 30 years and eventually grew tired of the limitations she faced in the healthcare industry. Inspired by the client-centered approach of health coaching, she found the empowering paradigm she had been longing to give to her patients.

Health Coaching

The term Health coaching should be rebranded to better reflect its true essence and purpose. While the term “health coaching” may imply that it focuses on instructing individuals on how to be healthy, it’s actually something quite different.

Health coaching is an evidence-based methodology that empowers individuals to enhance their self-efficacy—their confidence and ability to achieve desired outcomes. This unique approach aligns harmoniously with Ayurveda by acknowledging that it is the clients who possess the answers within themselves. 

Health coaching offers an exceptional method to establish clarity and responsibility when it comes to your wellness objectives.

Health coaches serve as supportive companions, guiding clients on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Together, they curiously explore and identify what truly matters to the individual, uncover and leverage their strengths, and work towards manifesting their wellness vision. Through this collaborative process, clients are empowered to create positive behavior change that is long lasting and sustainable.